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What’s in a Cloud? It’s simply a place where you can safely keep and access all your IT functions, leaving the complex and time-consuming business of managing them up to us.  More and more organisations are seeing the benefits of offloading their online data storage and backup; web-based e-mail; hosted office suites and document collaboration services; database processing; technical support services… and much more. If you're not in the Cloud, then let NCS help you get there - we're vendor neutral but work in partnership with the best Cloud providers in the industry to ensure you get what you need out of your Cloud.

VMware Cloud - Private, Public or Hybrid

We're accredited with a wide range of companies. We offer Cloud services from a range of providers such as Rackspace, Amazon Web Services as well as small boutique Hybrid Clouds such as Commensus. 

We can help with every aspect of migrating to the cloud, from advising on product selection, to scoping out installation and development, to staff training and administration. These can be delivered as stand-alone services, on a project basis or as a skills top-up to your existing team.

We have particular expertise in:

  • Technical change management – our consultants can help plan and implement the major changes to your IT operating environment.
  • Enhancing your organisation’s capacity for innovation – we can advise on the innovative use and implementation of cloud computing tools and services.

Our uncompromising approach to service is driven by our high professional standards.

  • On-demand consulting – we always deliver an appropriate level of consulting. You will not be tied in to a long contract, and we will not over-specify the volume of services you require.
  • Attention to detail, taking ongoing support into account. In most cases, we design, build and ultimately support our clients’ systems.

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