Database migration with little or no downtime

Data migration should be fast and seamless, whether it’s supporting a system upgrade path, moving from on-premise to Cloud, or a Hybrid option. Our highly experienced team can ensure this is performed smoothly.


Relational Databases, object-oriented databases, columnar databases and NoSQL databases – get help evaluating what’s best for you.


Understand how you need to configure your hardware, your database, architecture and operating systems to effectively cope with growth.


The workhorse that never sleeps, managing business critical private and public data incorrectly costs money and reputation.

Our Technology Partners

We’ve been working with NCS for two years now and they have helped us improve our databases and data immensely. During this time we have completely migrated all our production and reporting databases, introduced completely new reporting capabilities and future proofed ourselves for many years to come.

Mark Gibbard, IT Director, Euroffice