Flexible Database Administration
that fits your organisation.

Our expert team of database administration professionals are here to give you complete peace of mind when it comes to making sure your databases are running optimally and at peak performance. We ensure your systems are stable, secure and scalable, and we proactively manage your environment. Our average uptime is 99.8% which is why many of our clients have remained with us for more than 10 years.

We like to work with clients to help them explore different scenarios depending on the required objectives, for example projects such as data masking, encryption, data guard, moving from RAC to non-RAC databases or vice-versa. Many of our clients are currently moving from on-premise to cloud and we’re working closely with them to make the change within the constraints of their budget and their business.

NCS database administration process graphic

When it comes to Database Administration, we help with resource planning, solution ideas and project plans and we will always speak up if we think something should, or could, be done in a better way. Requirements might be driven by needing to fit into a specific budget, to optimise performance of the database, to fit project timelines or mitigate security implications. For us it’s not all about saying yes, but it’s about doing the right thing for your circumstance.

We work across a variety of platforms, including the cloud technology Azure, which creates very high availability within your environment. We can pinpoint performance issues in your infrastructure, as well as carry out in-memory optimisation.

We can also help you manage your business analytics, for example one of the products we regularly work with is the analytics tool PowerBI. We can work on the end to end development, ensuring you get the most power and insight from the data you have stored in your databases. How you warehouse your data and manage services such as OLAP, will influence how much value your business analytics delivers to the business.

We’ve often worked on large database migrations and upgrades, with one fashion designer retailer for example we had to reverse engineer a very old blackbox application and database environment in order to migrate them to a supported SQL version, and in the process, designed and added functionality that wasn’t previously possible.

We provide a lot of reassurance to clients, as they often know what they want to achieve, but may not have all the skills in house to know how to get there.


Why leading organisations choose NCS

Our database professionals help organisations enable revenue-driving, front end applications.

We have:

  • Achieved a 2 second SLA for sporting results
  • Enabled sale of 120,000 tickets in 12 hours
  • Reduced technical footprint for easier management
  • Increased MIS via BI tools
  • Integrated Oracle DB with CRM
  • Upgraded with zero downtime
  • Multi-stage upgrade support
  • GDPR Compliance Enablement
  • Disaster Recovery Specialists

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NCS are extremely professional and have been able to meet and exceed expectations on a variety of projects over a number of years. Their 24/7 support has provided us with peace of mind and they have proven proactive and efficient when the unexpected happens.

Matthew Murphy, Business Systems Manager, Condé Nast

NCS are an easy company to work with, and they proved time and time again they had my interests at heart.

– Jared Graham-Cumming