Disaster Recovery


In the event of a disruption, how quickly could you restore your data to reduce the amount of damage to your revenue and reputation?

At NCS our Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) offering means your data is “always on”:

  • Manage and plan recovery

  • Recover the lost or damaged environment

  • Protect your data against future loss

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Be proactive and resilient - outages WILL happen, we can make the response predictable

Be Resilient

50% of outages are caused by software or network failures, and 14% by the weather. Starting with data protection, you can build resilience in your organisation to address Recovery Time and Recovery Point Objectives (RTOs/RPOs).

Cloud Based Recovery

Cost effective alternative to standby recovery sites for business continuity

Recovery Solutions

We keep your data in a recovery centre and ensure it’s ready for restoration at all times. For mission-critical data we maintain a full, working copy of your data and for less critical requirements we offer back-ups and vaulting services.

Systems and Data Recovery

Meets the challenge of hybrid environments by tackling multiple points of failure


We’ve often had to step in when disaster recovery has either not been considered, or has been set up incorrectly by less experienced DBAs. We safeguard your data, keep it ready for restoration, and provide fast recovery. We work with you to determine which processes we need to manage, and those that you prefer to keep in house.

Why leading organisations choose NCS

Our database professionals help organisations enable revenue-driving, front end applications.

We have:

  • Achieved a 2 second SLA for sporting results
  • Enabled sale of 120,000 tickets in 12 hours
  • Reduced technical footprint for easier management
  • Increased MIS via BI tools
  • Integrated Oracle DB with CRM
  • Upgraded with zero downtime
  • Multi-stage upgrade support
  • GDPR Compliance Enablement
  • Disaster Recovery Specialists

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We are extremely happy with the service and support we have received from NCS throughout the project. They have met all the objectives set on time and within budget and have proven to have the flexibility and technical knowledge to overcome any unforeseen challenges that arise.

Matthew Murphy, Business Systems Manager, Condé Nast

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