The Cloud

Using Cloud services, NCS helps organisations to build, deploy and manage applications through a global network of data centres. Whether it’s simple mobile applications or internet-scale solutions, moving to the Cloud provides unprecedented scale and flexibility. AT NCS we work with Public, Private and Hybrid Clouds, depending on which is most appropriate for your organisation.

By working with Oracle Cloud and Microsoft Azure, we can get your applications to market more quickly, using integrated tools and technologies, that support a wide range of operating systems, programming languages, frameworks, devices and databases.

The Cloud platforms we work with offer comprehensive and integrated solutions, and support strict compliance requirements, and offer the flexibility to adapt to rapidly changing environments by supporting open source applications (Kubernetes, Hadoop, Kafka etc) and open standards including SQL, HTML5, and REST.

Cloud Technologies

  • Oracle Cloud SaaS

  • Oracle Cloud PaaS

  • Oracle Cloud IaaS

  • Microsoft Azure Cloud Services

  • Microsoft Azure SQL Database

  • Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse

  • Microsoft Azure Active Directory

  • Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB

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Why leading organisations choose NCS

Our database professionals help organisations enable revenue-driving, front end applications.

We have:

  • Achieved a 2 second SLA for sporting results
  • Enabled sale of 120,000 tickets in 12 hours
  • Reduced technical footprint for easier management
  • Increased MIS via BI tools
  • Integrated Oracle DB with CRM
  • Upgraded with zero downtime
  • Multi-stage upgrade support
  • GDPR Compliance Enablement
  • Disaster Recovery Specialists

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