At NCS we know the industry pain points

It’s not enough just to understand the technology, it’s important to us that we also understand the business context of the environment the databases perform in.


Creating a seamless customer online and instore experience, enabling a single view of the customer and enabling “always on” online presence are critical requirements for our retail customers. Scale, efficiency and reliability are optimised and we work closely with customers to identify and fix technology issues that may be impacting application performance.

Media & Publishing

Complex algorithms that deliver personalised advertising to millions of site visitors means that performance and scale are hugely important to our media customers. We often get involved in assessing the performance of the wider application environment in these complex infrastructures to identify elements that may be impacting database performance.

Sports & Entertainment

Speed, performance and reliability are mission critical in these environments. Whether it’s supporting extremely high volumes of ticket sales in seconds, minutes or hours, we ensure your reputation stays intact. For example, if your database SLA means communicating sports results in real time,  we make sure the database performs as expected.


Fraud prevention and Security are important to our customers in this sector, enabling the collation of data from many sources, and tracking and auditing data movement. Restricted access and secure database security keep your database fit for purpose.



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