Microsoft SQL Database Technology Expertise

Microsft SQL and Azure Cloud platform make building and maintaining databases & applications easier than ever. Azure SQL database has a built-in intelligence that learns and adapts dynamically to optimise performance and protection.

A Microsoft SQL database accommodates for growth, with little to no downtime, as you add applications, customers and transactions. Multi-tenant applications can be developed with no trade off in performance, manageability or security.

When to use Microsoft?

The decision for this depends on your current technical environment, and the skill sets you have internally. If budget is a consideration, then a Microsoft SQL database offers a very cost effective option, even in large complex environments. It’s the leading database in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant and performs well in high volume, fast paced environments.

Customer feature

One sector we work with is the sports and entertainment industry, which demands extremely fast performance in high volume data environments. This can include reporting sports results in near real-time, or handling very high ticket demands in a very short period of time, for popular events such as festivals.

​With sports results, there are very tight (and short!) SLAs in order to prevent fraud, so database performance is critical. One customer approached us because they were having problems with CPU spikes and thought the issue was within the database. However, after some detailed investigation and analysis, we were able to identify the issue was caused by their existing monitoring tool. We worked with the customer to overcome this problem and to return the SLA to the required level.

Whenever a large, popular entertainment event is announced, tickets can be sold out in minutes, placing huge demands on the database. We work with customers in this sector to ensure that CPU load is reduced, bandwidth is optimised to remove obstacles and database performance is optimised. Bad press around ticket sales can be very damaging and we work with some leading UK event managers to ensure this doesn’t happen.

SQL Services:

  • Upgrades
  • Data Migration
  • Performance Optimisation
  • Architecture improvements
  • Environment and context investigations
  • Storage optimisation

  • Disaster recovery
  • Security
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Copes with multiple needs and budgets, suitable for both big and small businesses.


Scale applications across multiple databases by adding instances as needed. Reduce impact of scaling out.


As Microsoft continues to expand the list of 3rd party technologies it supports, the more applications are being developed.

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